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Board Meeting Minutes

Any update on when minutes - Annual, Board & Special Meeting - will be posted? 

Dot org website

Is there an estimated date the dot org website admin will have everything up and running?


What is the BLRC? 

Unapproved minutes

Will unapproved minutes be posted on the .org website?

Why are records being "purged"

Why are records being "purged" we should never get rid of files in the office? 

What records purged?

I am very curious,  what records purged?  

Office Records

Can Chris as manager clarify what records the office destroyed? 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP

I’m a little surprised after all the years RB has been in existence it sounds like RB does not have Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). One subject in SOP’s would be how records are retained at RB.  Does RB have Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)?  

Could RB documents be scanned

Could RB documents be scanned and put on CDs?  Asked 


How can a board implement the minibikes without a starting point?

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